Monday, October 3, 2016

Pop Culture League - Monsters!

Here there be Monsters

‘Tis the Halloween season!

So we're officially into the month of October and of course Halloween is on the brain. That said, this week's assignment is monsters! I decided that I'd go with my favorite Halloween/Monster related McDonald's happy meal toys from my youth...

Halloween Buckets
First 3 from the mid 80s
  These were so simple yet so awesome! You had McBoo, McPunk'n, and McGoblin. I still remember collecting this trio. Wish I still had em!
Several years later they released this great line up. With glow in the dark features included.
 These buckets are a perfect example of the simple toys we grew up with that were amazing despite their simplicity!

Halloween McNugget Buddies
Series one included some great monsters. There was a ghost, mummy, Frankstein, Pumpkin, Dracula, and Witch. They were basically hallow plastic nuggets with different faces with interchangeable costumes.
There were additional waves released a few years later....
This wave wasn't as exciting in my opinion. Hard to compete with those iconic monsters of wave 1!

So that's my take on the monsters topic. I really do love these old McDonald's toys. Halloween themed aside, they had tons of awesome Happy Meals toys when I was growing up.

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  1. McNugget Buddies! McDonald's sure came up with some creative toys and collectibles.

    Now why am I so hungry all of the sudden?

  2. They were,hands down, the fast food premium champs!

  3. McNugget Buddies were the Shiznit! I also liked the Happy Meal toys where you could snap the costumes on Ronald and his friends