Tuesday, July 8, 2014

LOEB - It's just not summer until...


First and foremost it's not summer until I listen to my official summer anthem "Sweet Freedom"!
 For about 7 years I've always listened to this on the day my summer officially begins. Ever since I saw the movie "Running Scared" I've always associated it with epic, carefree fun....everything that summer should be!

There are a few other things I need to do before I can really settle in to my summer groove. It's also not summer until I....

...eat crabs...
(gotta be both my Mom's amazing crabs and macaroni and the all you can eat old bay crabs at the beach)
I'll always love Mom's the best!
....have some beers and do some outdoor cookin...
 Me (right) w big bro enjoying a few cold ones!

....visit a comic book shop...
 This one always has great vintage goodness!

....head out to Cherry Springs state park and bask in the glow of the milky way...
 An annual trip I always look forward to!

....watch "Summer Rental"....
 This one just reminds me of the best summer memories!

....see a popcorn flick....
 Remember seeing this one after a stop at Taco Bell back in the day!

....have breakfast out on hot weekday when I'd normally be working....
Love me some lox!
.....and hang new shelves for my toys....
 My MOTU's have a place to live!

So that's really it for me. I'm looking forward to reading about all the other summer must do's from around the League. Be sure to check out Cool and Collected for the rest of the League's Posts!

To say I love summer is truly an understatement. Check out my Summer of Rich posts if you're curious!


  1. What is lox and why does it look so delicious? Is it a sandwich of which I have never heard??

    1. It's a really good way to prepare salmon ;)

  2. I started blasting this song earlier! LOL I'm I'm not the only who does this :)

    1. No way you're not! Classic! It's the perfect song for summer freedom!

  3. There is a special place in my heart for Michael McDonald. Thank you.