Saturday, November 23, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Gee Thanks!

Wow I really need to get this blog going again! As I approach the one year anniversary of this blog's creation (11/28) I realize that I need to get back to posting stuff regularly. My lack of activity has been a big case of life getting in the way. That last three months have been busy and hectic and I'm so looking forward to things calming down and enjoying the Holiday season! With that said, and Thanksgiving only a few days away, the League is writing about what they're thankful for......

Now with this being a pop culture site and the League's focus being on nerdy topics I'll get the mushy stuff outta the way quickly and get to the geeky goodness! Here goes....I'm thankful for....

1. My wife and family. They are super supportive, especially my wife who understands how important my collection is to me and how much I love every aspect of collecting.

2. All the good things in my life. I know that's vague but this is a pop culture blog and who wants to read a bunch of mushy stuff? Ammiright?

3. My Man Cave! I have a few names I call my man cave. Among those names is my fortress of solitude. It's a place I go to decompress after a long day and just relax. It's decorated to my liking with various autographs, figures, mementos, photos, etc. It truly is my favorite place to be. 

The "Nerd Nook" portion of my man cave.

My recently painted Star Wars Wall. Anthony Daniels (left), Hamill, Fisher, Ford (center), Williams (right). The red really makes the photos pop!

Recently acquired cast signed "Breakfast Club" 8x10. Love that movie!

My window ledge that displays my only surviving childhood toys (except for the Count Chocula Switch finder)

My entertainment center. I'm working on "Batman: Arkham Origins". To the left is an authentic Coo Coo Clock from Switzerland (a gift brought back by one of my oldest friends), and to the right my Super Powers Batmobile concept art from 1982. That shelf is a work in progress. Part of what I love about having my own space in the form of a man cave is being able to rearrange and redecorate. Still not sure what's next for that shelf...and yes, I have a pillow covered with vintage Star Wars sheets =)

4. My collection! I'll wrap up my thankful post by saying I'm thankful for my collection. I enjoy every aspect of collecting. The hunt, the display, sharing photos with other collectors, the collector community, and most of all the memories I'm reminded of every time I look at my collection.

So that's that for me. I'm looking forward Thursday! We're hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and I can't wait! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to scope out these other thankful posts from around the League!


  1. Well that is alot to be thankful for!

  2. Rich, you're the only one I know who thinks the holidays are a restful time. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving! ...and don't forget to thaw the bird!

    1. Lol. Same to you! I can't wait to stuff myself and pass out watching football!

  3. Who's jealous of your man cave and autographs.... this guy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!