Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer of Rich Day 8 - A Rainy Day

Today was what you would call a rainy day. It started out grey and rainy and stayed that wall until about 5:30. I figured it was the perfect day to be lazy and catch up on some good 80s movies. As I said, nostalgia runs high in the summer months and I wanted to get into that 80s state of mind ;

I had quite the lineup. I started with "Lucas".

This one was a great way to get that 80s vibe going. Great music! They really don't make movies like this anymore. To me that's unfortunate but honestly aside from us old folks I don't know if kids these days would be into it. The simplicity of these sorts of movies just wouldn't work anymore in the age of iPhones and social media. Either way this old timer chose a good one to kick start my 80s marathon.

Next up was "Summer Rental"

Last week's League assignment has had me wanting to watch this again ever since. It's always amazing to me how a movie or a song can stir up old and somewhat forgotten memories. This movie was played constantly the summer of '94 on one of the movie channels. Seeing the movie and hearing the music literally transported me right back to that summer. 

"You got my table, you're not getting my lobsters!"

For the final movie in my lineup I watched "Pretty in Pink".

I've got to admit, this was the first time I'd seen this movie. John Highs really captured that high school kid feeling. Dating, teenage drama...he nailed it! Glad I watched this one. Definitely enjoyed it. I recently met Andrew McCarthy which motivated me to watch this flick. 

After my movie marathon I got in a quick bike ride in between rain storms. I'm hoping tomorrow the weather cooperates. I've got a good route planned!

So that's it for day 8. 80s movie nostalgia and a bike ride. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in a better bike ride and hit up a local comic store.This store sells vintage toys. Hopefully I can score something good =)

Carpe dentum......seize the teeth!"

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  1. These movies are all on my DVD pull list to buy one day...Except Weekend at Bernies. Already have that one.