Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Summer of Rich!

So tomorrow marks the end of my first weeks of Summer break. Working in the education field has ensured I've always had summers off. It's a great way to reconnect with my younger self and remember how it felt to spend the summer months carefree and filled with fun. I'm hoping to blog daily starting today about how I'm spending my remaining 63 days. I'm hoping that the daily blog will motivate me to do more interesting things and avoid wasting my always seems to fly by. Anyway here's how I spent my first week.....

I didn't waste anytime getting my summer started. The very day I finished for the summer I completed a shelving project in my man cave. Now my man cave is sort of an L shape. There's a larger area where I've got a couch and tv then the cave narrows. This narrow section is "The Nerd Nook". Now last summer when I began seriously collecting Super Powers toys I had no idea how many figures I'd collect and couldn't really plan my display. Here's how it looked before.....
I had 5 IKEA shelves hung which really didn't hold that many figures. The rest I hung on the wall around the shelves.

I decided I wanted to change things up. I wanted a better presentation....brighter and more efficiently arranged. I got a few suggestions from other collectors and didn't waste anytime getting to work...
I used 6 feet long boards and L brackets to hang them. After a nice coat of white paint, my collection has never looked so good!
The new display is much brighter and each figure can be seen and appreciated! My summer was off to a great start!

Wednesday one of my oldest friends and I headed out to Strasburg, PA.  We went out to see a Steam powered train pulling freight and to check out the train museum. This trip in itself was quite a jolt of nostalgia. I'd been to this very place years ago as a kid. It was neat being back there....

Honestly the rest of the days up until now I spent sort of catching up on all the stuff I put off until break began. Tomorrow I'm planning to start my daily bike rides and other fun stuff.

Anyway that's it for now. As of tomorrow the Summer of Rich will be in full swing! Stay tuned for what I hope will be loads of good old fashioned summer fun...with a strong dose of nostalgia!

"You gotta keep living man! L.I.V.I.N!!!"

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