Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer of Rich - Days 9-14

So I've decided to simplify my "Summer of Rich" blogging to focus mainly on photos with short descriptions. My goal to keep busy has been working out well and I haven't had much time to blog. I think the photo blogs will be just as fun!

So last Thursday was of course July 4. The night before, I caught the end of "Lake Placid" (a movie I always end up watching some of whenever it's on) and "Teen Wolf" on Netflix.
Classic 80s meets over the top 90s thriller. Can't beat it with a stick!

July 4th I headed out to a friends for typical 4th festivities. Beer, beef, bands (marching bands that is). With all the beer flowing the camera didn't make it into the equation =)
 But I did get this pic of their mascot. This creepy dude makes an appearance each year!

I spent Friday - Sunday at the Delaware beach with my wife and in laws. We had a great time. Beer, beaches, and all you can eat crabs were the theme of the weekend!
My dog Cookie ready to soak up some sun...

Hittin the beach!

The beach just reminds me of being a kid! I woulda been all up in that little pool there diggin for crabs or building a mud castle!

Can't forget to mention the all you can eat crabs...i musta ate 20!

Today I took a ten mile bike ride first thing in the morning. It was awesome. Nice and cool. I really enjoyed it. Getting your exercise out of the way first thing in the morning seems to make way for a much more productive day....and some cool photos......
Next I had lunch and ran a bunch of errands with my mom which was actually really fun. We hadn't hung out like that in a while and it was really nice. She even popped into a comic store with me. Must have been 15+ years since we'd last set foot in a comic store together. I uttered the phrase "remembers these" several times...and each time her answer was "yes". Good times, good memories. The Summer of Rich is off to great start!

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