Friday, March 15, 2013

Toy Spotlight - TMNT Battle Shells

Came across these while browsing at my local collectible shop. Battle Shell Ninja Turtles. These are roughly twice the size of the regular actions figures and very neat. They come with many weapons which can be stored in or on their shells. Hence the name "Battle Shells". I managed to resist the temptation to slap down $80 bucks for the set and instead snapped this picture =)


  1. I saw these over at the Corpo-Mart by my workplace...these are AWESOME! So far I've resisted buying ANY of the new Turtle stuff. It's hard to resist these.

  2. Man I'm right there with ya. I took the above picture last Friday (which happened to be pay day) and somehow managed to resist taking the set. They are super cool tho.