Monday, March 25, 2013

Hake's Shopping Spree Auction Results....

So a few weeks ago the assignment from the League was to take an imaginary shopping spree at the online auction site Hake's. We were to imagine we had VERY deep pockets and "buy" as much as we wanted. Well being a huge Super Powers fan I wasn't greedy....I just wanted a few little items.

Here is a link to the original post for the League.

Item 1 - Tower of Darkness Prototype

At the time of the original League post, this item had only one bid and was $550.00 dollars. It closed for a whopping $3,858.25 receiving 20 bids! I figured this would go high and was not surprised. It's very rare and from a playset that never made it to production. Whoever was lucky enough to end up with it sure has quite an item to add to their collection.

Item 2 - Kalibak Prototype
At the time of the original post this item was at $200.00 with no bids. It closed for an astounding $2,163.15 receiving 14 bids. This one totally blew me away in terms of closing price. Kalibak isn't a very popular character and still reached that price. Makes me wonder what a Superman or Batman would go for!

Item 3 - My final choice was a wax prototype of Parademon
At the time of the original post this was $150.00 with 1 bid. It closed at $3,700.13 with 21 bids! I was the most surprised by this item. I guess it went so high due to it being a wax model. I'm not positive, but I believe the wax model represents one of the earliest stages of development for a new figure. This certainly drove the demand and interest in my opinion.

So that's that for my imaginary shopping spree. At those prices, my dreams are the only place I could own these items!

Total for all three: $9,721.53

Congratulations to whoever scored these amazing pieces of Super Powers history!

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