Monday, March 25, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Young Love!

This week's assignment from the League finds me in a great mood and excited for this awesome topic. I'm off all week for Spring Break and love that I have essentially no plans and can spend my days as I so desire (you may or may not remember days like that were mentioned in my "Loves" blog for that assignment!). 

This week's assignment is:
"When I was a kid, my favorite_______were________"

Here goes....When I was a kid, my favorite toys were action figures especially.....Super Powers!
Anyone who reads this blog probably knows that I am an avid collector of action figures, especially the Super Powers Collection. They were my favorite toys as a kid and have some my favorite childhood memories attached to them! I figured a fun way to show my love for these toys would be a quick walk down memory lane with some old school 80s photos of yours truly!
 Here I am with my Castle Grayskull and a heap of Masters of the Universe Toys. I love the old school Phillies hat I'm rockin!

My big brother and I playing Masters of the Universe. I, of course, am Skeletor. I guess Big Brothers always get to be the good guy....but by the looks of the photo, I didn't seem to mind much =)

Me and my brother (left and right) with two friends. In this picture you can spot a Lion-O, Skeletor, an unidentified figure on the couch, and a Super Powers Batman on the floor on the right in the background. Some 80s heavy hitters right there!

He-Man toothbrush set. I actually remember posing for this picture.

This is one of my all time favorite photos of my brother and I. Our outfits are ridiculous (Easter 1987) and we have Super Hero shades on. In those plastic cases are Muscle Men like the ones Brian used in his banner for the week's assignment. Loved those things!

I couldn't find any photos of me with my Voltron toys, but I did find this! Halloween (probably 1986). I'm in blue. I love my friend Josh's G.I. Joe outfit, awesome!

Here I am holding one of those old school rubber wrestlers. We had a bunch of those and the ring to play with them in!

My brother had some sort of career day thing at his school which explains the construction worker outfit. On the bottom right you can see our Hall of Justice playset from the Super Powers collection!

Finally, here I am with my Super Powers Joker. My mom arranged for us to pose for our Christmas card 1985, and I refused to put this guy down. Mom was none too pleased. Now, years later, it's a funny story and a great picture!

 This picture represents the four surviving toys from my childhood. I moved a lot as a kid and unfortunately most of my toys were lost. I could say it's a shame that I don't have more, but instead, I'll approach it from a "glass half full" point of view and simply say I'm thrilled to have these.

I love action figures! It's been a life long love affair for me that I suspect will continue for the long haul.....So that's it for me.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some old school 80s pictures. I know I do.

Posting all these photos reminds me how awesome it was growing up with a big brother so close in age. Man we had fun!  

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  1. Ah man, what great photos and memories to go with them! Thanks for sharing these with us!

    1. You're most welcome! Glad you enjoyed a glimpse into my action figure filled childhood ;)

  2. Wonderful photos! Great memories. Awesome job.

    1. Thanks, Glad you liked it. I'm on Spring break and have been inspired by this assignment to go to my mom's and dig for more photos and try to find some more of my old toys!

  3. That was the kind of stuff I was hoping people would post about.

  4. I owned ALL FOUR of those figures you still have from your childhood!!! We had such similar tastes in toys! We would have had EPIC action figure battles!

  5. Those are some great photos!

  6. Thanks for the pictures and the story. Those bring back some good memories of my own.