Friday, December 13, 2013

Super Powers Spotlight - Steppenwolf

In today's spotlight I'll be taking a look at one of my favorite Super Powers villains: Steppenwolf! Anyone familiar with the line knows that Steppenwolf was initially offered as a mail away exclusive on specially marked "Steppenwolf offer" 12 back figures. His first carded release came with the second series in 1985. Steppenwolf included a mini comic and had one of my all time favorite card backs from the entire line!

Steppenwolf would have two 2nd series variations. The initial release had the "fan club offer" band on the bottom right hand side. 

The other second series variation had the  "Free Clark Kent Offer" which came in the from of a sticker applied to the front of the card.

The final carded offering for the character Steppenwolf came in the 3rd and final series for the Super Powers Collection. As you can see (after comparing the cards) the third series card is significantly different. With the line coming to a close Kenner cut out the free comics as well as any fan club offers. These changes resulted in what most collectors agree to be the most visually appealing card backs. Even with the improvement in card appearance, the second series releases for Steppenwolf are the rarer versions and, in most cases, the more valuable.

The final variation I wanted to share could have come at the very start. This is an example of a cromalin proof that shows what could have been. Cromalins were used internally by Kenners to make changes and identify mistakes  to the card back's design before going forward with the card back production. This cromalin shows that Steppenwolf was initially designed to have blue accents to his gloves, trunks, and chest strap. This ultimately was changed to the red seen on the production cardbacks, making this cromalin a really cool variation!

 A really awesome custom done by a friend and fellow collector next to a loose/production Steppenwolf.

So that does it for this Steppenwolf spot light. A truly classic and awesome villain! Love to hear your thoughts on the character or the line itself! If you'd like to pick this guy up, hit up eBay! There are loads of loose, minty examples to be had!


  1. I thought Steppenwolf was awesome. I ordered him back in the day. His axe caused my heros massive damage!

    1. Ha! Nice. I never had him as a kid but now he's one of my favorites!