Thursday, May 23, 2013

He - Man....the most powerful man in the universe!

It's crazy how a toy can hold so many memories! When I see these amazingly awesome action figures I am instantly transported back to Atlanta, Georgia (where my family lived in the early 80s). From my spot on the carpet, I can hear Orko's theme playing in the background while Man at Arms tells us kids some bit of important safety information.

 I think that's what I love most about collecting. Surrounding myself with relics from the past that remind me of simpler times when everything was amazing and new! 

And now to start my loooooong day I'll echo those words in my mind "I have the power!"


  1. Great shot of a classic. I've really gotten into the vintage He-Man line again as of late.

    1. I'm planning on collecting my favorites loose. They were such great figures!