Friday, March 21, 2014

MOTU Minis!

It's official, I made my first ever purchase from Matty Collector. The little guys in the picture above are what finally broke my resolve! They represent the first toys I've purchased in a good six months that were made after the 80s! These toys are part of the new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE MINIs line.

As a kid I always liked compact toys. This continued to adulthood and even evolved to me enjoying silly/stylized versions of my favorite characters. These 2 inch tall, top heavy toys cover all bases! A neat added bonus to the 20$ two packs is a build-a-piece for Castle Greyskull. I'm certain that when assembled, this set is gonna look sweet! I'm hoping to see another wave with perhaps a build-a-Snake Mountain? One can only dream of how awesome that display would be! 

As of this post Battle Armor He-Man and Mer-Man are sold out at Matty Collector but available at BigBadTyStore for $35 ($15 more than Matty). As for Battle Armor Skeletor and Moss Man (who's actually been flocked! How cool is that!?) they'll be available on Matty Collector on April 15. 

I'll be posting my progress as these awesome little dudes start arriving in the Nerd Nook. Stay tuned!

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