Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nerd Nook Spotlight - Knex Super Mario Series 2 Minifigures: Secret Codes Revealed with Daisy and Wario

Been quite a while since I've done any new figure spotlights. Figured this very neat new line of Knex Minifigures would be a great way to get back in the swing.

Knex has been releasing some very fun minifigures. They have captured the likenesses of some of Nintendo's most beloved characters and turned them into great little minifigures. Lets take a closer look at these awesome little toys....

Princess Peach (re-released) and Daisy (limited to 2 per case)

Dry Bones

Koopa Paratrooper

Shy Guy



If you're liking these figures as much as I am and want to pick them up here are the secret codes to prevent getting duplicates.

On the back of the packets you'll find a code. Here are the unique codes for each figure:
Shy Guy: Second to last # underlined once.

Boo: Last number underlined once.

Wario: 5 underlined once.

Dry Bones: 3 underlined once.

Koopa Paratrooper: 1 after the 3 underlined once.

Daisy: first zero underlined twice. Remember Daisy is the rare figure limited to only two per case.

Hope these codes help you score these figures! Remember....Keep it nerdy guys!


  1. Hey! This helps out a lot. Does Peach share the same code as Daisy?

    1. Hey Miss M, I actually had Peach from series one. She was re released with Mario in series 2 so I didn't get her updated code. Hope the others help you score the ones you're after! Happy hunting ;)