Monday, April 29, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Comic Books!

So for this week's topic we have another vague, yet awesome assignment.....Comic Books!

In the mid to late 80s my obsession for Super Hero related pop culture really blew up. I started collecting comics and trading cards to go along with my action figures. My favorite heroes were Superman, Batman, Wolverine, and the X-Men as a whole. I was in my comic book collecting prime when the Death of Superman happened.
This is the version that includes all the issues that brought us to Superman's death. It's also signed by Brett Breeding (his name in there on the spine). Who visited my comic shop. I was sure to get this signed. I remember being really sad when this happened as Superman was my favorite!

I, of course, was way into the "Reign of the Supermen" and was definitely rooting for the Eradicator.

I was never a fan of the long haired Supes but was psyched when he finally returned.

This is the book where he made his official return to Metropolis.

Here's one I've had for ages. Very cool cover.

I never really liked this but did buy a few.....

Here's a couple first issues from Image comics from back in the early 90s. I still think some of these characters are kind of cool.

I couldn't leave out the X-MEN. I was big time into them in my comic collecting days. 

This issue folded opened to create this awesome scene of the X-MEN going after Magneto....

So that's that for my "Comic Books" post. I honestly haven't collected them for a LONG time. I leaned more towards collectibles like statues and toys in the mid 90s and never really looked back. I do have some really awesome memories attached my old comics and for that, I'll always love them. Even this crusty, nearly 25 year old box I drew all over to show my love for all of the characters....

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  1. Nice. I was totally into all that Death of Superman stuff. I still have my black armband. But that was around the time of the speculator crash that nearly destroyed the industry so I have mixed feelings about that time.

  2. I too opened one of the black bagged death of superman comics. I wish I knew what I did with my other comic box.

  3. I was on the Marvel side of the fence, but we're clearly of the same era! Superman's Red/Blue electric return was the first in-comic story I can remember to make national news over here.

    Who was your favourite of the four replacements?

  4. Ah, nice. Mine was Superboy, although he definitely started out a lot more annoying than he eventually became!